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Our work is our passion and we pass this

on to our students

What do we offer?

Here at LexGo International, we are exclusively dedicated to organising a la carte cultural trips for students and teachers. You choose the city, the dates, the duration, the type of accommodation, the activities, and include a budget. If you already have an idea or proposal, we will try to make it possible. If not, we can guide you in choosing cities or activities, which we know from past experience have been successful.


LexGo takes care of booking plane tickets, sorting out visas, coaches, accommodation, food, activities, Spanish classes, travel insurance… everything!

Why are we different?

1. WE ARE TEACHERS: Different from a traditional travel agency, LexGo International has been created by teachers and all our programmes are tailormade, taking in account the ages of the participants, budgets, dates, and the interests of each group. We work within an educational context, whether that be learning a language, the culture of a country, or the history.



    As teachers, we are well aware of the responsibility of organising a trip with students, and we are very aware of anything that might come up during the trip.

    The programme foresees daily activities distributed in the way that we most see fit. However, activities can be modified, cancelled or changed for other activities.

    Given that the group will be accompanied at all times by a co-ordinator, the accompanying teachers do not have to worry about getting lost in the city, worry about timings to be on time for activities, look for places to have lunch or dinner in free time, or check that students have returned to their host family each night.


    2. WE DON´T WORK WITH A MIDDLEMAN: Our prices are competitive and we offer a high-class service. When contracting the services we offer to groups, we obtain prices that an individual alone could not obtain (plane tickets, coaches, accommodation, etc) with the added benefit that we do everything for you.


    3. WE ARE A TRAVEL AGENCY: Being travel agents means we work in accordance with legislation and we offer safety assurances and a requited quality to work as such.


    4. WE ADAPT TO YOUR LEVEL: Different from a traditional travel agency, we are teachers and all our activities have an educational focus and are adapted to each group. For example, all our guided visits are created by Spanish teachers, the guides choose topics which students will be interested in according to their age and language ability, they interact with the students, asking them questions, they challenge them with the language: for their explanations, they are aided with images or posters with key vocabulary which they are using. Generally, the guided visits are with 2 or 3 guides, therefore in 2 or 3 small groups to ensure a better quality of service. Non-guided tours will always be accompanied by a local co-ordinator who is responsible for the group, and who is always responsible for the overall running of the trip.


    5. GYMKHANA: This is one of the favourite activities amongst our clients. It involves a game with clues or a treasure hunt all over the city, in which the students are divided into small groups and are given challenges and puzzles that that they have to solve. One of the tasks involves going to a square and guessing (asking people) the story behind the person who is sculpted there, or asking older people to help them understand a Spanish saying or a well-known Spanish song, or going to a restaurant and asking for the recipe of a typical dish of that city, etc. The first group to finish gets a prize!


    6. GET-TOGETHER WITH OTHER SCHOOLS: We organise a get-together with a local school and with students of a similar age. This is always successful. We organise group work so that students, without hardly realising and motivated in wanting to get to know other students of the same age from another country, loose their inhibitions and practice the language.  There are fun activities and icebreakers all designed so that the students make friends with Spanish students. Generally, the Spanish students show them around the school, or sometimes they organise a guided visit of the city amongst themselves.


    7. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Dance classes, Spanish cookery workshops, tapas route, guided tours, day trips, visits to museums, dance shows, art workshops, visits to Spanish family enterprises, visits to olive mills and olive tasting, visits to a cattle ranch of fighting bulls or pig farming, and many, many more. If there is anything else that you would particularly like to do, we will make it possible.


    8. A CO-ORDIANATOR 24HOURS A DAY: Without a doubt, this is one of the things that makes us different and is highly valued by teachers in their feedback. “Having a point of reference who is available at all times, who accompanies us and was in charge of everything is worth noting and made our school trip seem more like a holiday.” This is how one of our clients described us.


    9. SMALL CLASS SIZES: In whichever of the cities you choose, we offer Spanish classes in small groups. The group can be divided according to their level and receive personalised attention. Our teachers liaise closely with your Spanish teachers to organise the content of their classes.


Who are we?

LexGo International came about as a project of a group of teachers who, after years of experience living, travelling, work and teaching languages all over the globe in different universities and schools, decided to return to Spain and create their own educational programmes.




    During the past few years, we have given language classes and organised trips and activities for many different groups, from language stays with teenagers to a group of 60-year olds in our adult program.

    We make our job our passion and we pass this on to our clients. We pride ourselves in having contributed to generations of children learning languages from immersion and ear training at the same time as playing and having fun, to the fact that young people have had their first contact with another country and have made friends with people from countries totally unknown to them, and to the fact that adults don´t think it´s never too late to travel to another country and learn that language they have always wanted do.

    We are here waiting for you!

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